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Very small collection of friendly jewels.

  • Those who give you a serpent when you ask for fish may not have nothing else than a serpent to give. It is then generosity of their part. Kahlil Gibran.

  • These links are mainly connected
    to beauty and spirituality.
    Some of them are also doors
    to the nature of my country.

    If they are not - fish:
    my deepest apologies.


  • The heart has it's reasons
    which reason knows
    nothing about.
    Blaise Pascal.



Paths that lead to left and right.
Poetry site is estonian. A ray of light in any darkness.
An old tree, and other old things of Estonia Other worlds. With other clouds.
November in Estonia Roads to Middle-Earth
Planet Earth. A vision. Wanders in ancient times.

Roads in other directions
Catholic Encyclopedia Site dedicated to early christianity and works of T. Aquino
Essence of one song Namarie
My favorite radio-shows

Kuku-raadio igivanad saated.

My favorite estonian milk.

Lehmad on targad.

My favorite wallpaper(s).

A site of a boy from 11th grade of HTG, in my town.

I love the wallpaper with the tired wall.

One of my most dear poems.

Suured puud liiguvad tuules, v"aikesed kasvavad tuules.

Urmas Sisask, Galaxies

T"ahelaevad. T"ahes~oitjad. T"ahed. T"aheke.

The River Waves.

Tender art.

Which Peanuts Character Are You?