palved ja helmed | sammal puudel | kodud ja kojad | aken vaatega merele | pikad teed | jooned ja ruudud | pilved ja kajad | piirid ja sihid  

The address for a dove with white wings:


    The email address for
    sunny letters.
    There are more suns than one.
    My father told me that
    when i was six years old.

The echo of the home.

  • Rohan, and Gondor.
    Lands where sundials
    are used to measure the time.
    Small wooden houses
    with small wooden stairs,
    when it rains.
    So i can watch raindrops
    falling in puddles,
    and wait till footsteps
    of people will drown
    in blue water from clouds.

    Its all the same trip. Any path you take leads to the same place.

Per aspera ad astra. Mist. Me.
My new diary, black as coffee.
Pictures which have six small feet like tiny bugs
Northern shores of life




  • I experience
    a period of frightening clarity
    in those moments when nature
    is so beautiful.
    I am no longer sure in of myself,
    and paintings appear as a dream.

    Vincent van Gogh.

A dreamer. You are the Faerie of the Moonlight. A
calm spirit who feels alone. You sometimes find
yourself crying, but can not figure out the
reason. You have a fear of being used. People
have hurt you, and you do not know if you can
trust them. You lose yourself in writing or
reading, a very creative faerie. People want to
be your friend, but you don't know if you want
to be theirs. Sometimes you classify yourself
as an outcast, but you try to be content with
your tears. At least you'll always have your