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  • I am learning to draw apple-trees.
    When you have task to do, you are the task to do.
    It is like the potter becomes his pot.

  • Random thoughts and loneliness
    trouble me
    but i am soothed by the anticipation
    of cherry blossoms
    and spring rain falling on my hut.

    Otaki Rengetsu (1791 - 1875),
    Waiting for rain on the roof.

  • To draw a tree, one should first see it growing. It can be the work of the life,
    and take a lifetime.
    Here lies the beauty
    of drawing a tree.
    You draw one leaf every day,

    Where are the butterflies
    flying to and from?

  • I have wondered for a long time
    about the fact that trees
    are a higher life-form than people.

    I love people.
    They are my own kin.

    But i admire trees.
    Their silence, their grace.

    If you shall find trees to be too quiet
    or too boring, write me a letter,
    so that i could send you some red and
    yellow leaves.

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